Thursday, May 26, 2022

To our baby-Happy Sweet 16!!

Dear Francesca,

When I started looking through photos of you, my plan was to grab one from each year of your life so far...and as I strolled down memory lane, 16 became 87. There were so many I couldn't resist because so much of what I love about you is reflected in these pictures: your sass, your style, your sense of adventure, your beautiful smile.  

Sixteen years ago you came into this world with a cry that gave us just a small glimpse of the fire inside you. You completed our family. You were every single thing we never knew we were missing. 

You are a fascinating juxtaposition of sunshine and storms, sweetness and wrath, tenacity and meekness. You challenge us to think deeper and defend our ideas and to see the world in a way we never could have without seeing it through your eyes. You are thoughtful and caring and selfless, you are independent and artistic and gifted in countless ways. Because of you our lives are brighter, funner and wonderfully chaotic.  

Happy happy birthday, baby girl. There will never be enough words to say how loved you are. 

We adore you.

 I'm so thankful you're ours.  

xoxo, mom(ma)

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