Thursday, June 30, 2016


Selfies are the bane of my existence. My girls, from the oldest to the youngest, think that whenever I set my phone down it’s open season for selfies. It doesn’t matter where we are: at home, at the store, at the dentist, at church, play rehearsals, the beach, birthday parties, holidays. If my phone isn’t in my hand it’s safe to assume a little girl is off somewhere taking ridiculous pictures. I regularly have to delete hundreds of photos from my phone, because their favorite thing is bursts. Frankie heard me telling Don about a funny meme I read, that said something like “I can’t wait for my kids to have their own phones, so I can steal it and take 300 pictures of my left foot.” Well, for her that was a challenge accepted, and now I randomly find 300 pictures of her left foot. Or the dogs left foot, or her baby cousins left foot. Any foot around her when the mood strikes will do.


As much as it’s a nuisance, it also makes me laugh. Most of their pictures are hilarious. Some are sweet, and melt my heart. I love to check my gallery after being out for the day, to see the event we were at from their perspective. And before I know it, they’ll be grown and have their own phones, and my pictures will suddenly be missing all this life.

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