Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sometimes my kids astound me

I've been crazy busy lately. I have so much to blog about, but unfortunately I don't have my memory card in my laptop, and honestly I am just too tired to get out of bed and walk down the stairs to get it. So it looks like you'll just have to read what I have to say without the pretty pictures to distract you. I know. What can I say? It happens sometimes.

So. My baby (Shh! A three and a half years old does so still count as a baby!) was at the table drawing a picture the other day when I came in from grocery shopping. She's obsessed with drawing people right now. It's so great to watch them evolve from tadpoles with heads to having legs and a torso all the way up to eyelashes and fingers. She was so proud the day she drew fingers...
Anyway, so it wasn't unusual for me to come in and find her at the table drawing. (This kid is costing me a fortune in printer paper. It doesn't matter that I keep scrap paper for them, or that they have thousands of pads of paper everywhere, she has to sneak around like a little thief and grab pages out of my printer when nobody is looking.) But I'll forgive her since I got to witness her pure genius. As I walked by she said "Momma look! Her shirt says big happy tunic". (Tunics are all the rage around here) I went over to give it a quick glance as I was rushing by with my bags of groceries, and sure enough there in a nice neat row were a bunch of letters-LkAERE (or something like that) I was shocked! She knows her letters, and can identify just about all of them by sight. She can tell me what the letters say, and identify beginning letters. But given her age, and her tendency to mosey along at her own pace, I haven't had her work on writing letters yet. I haven't had her trace them yet. Not even line tracing activities. Nothing. I was just...stunned. We all were. Pick-our-jaws-up-off-the-floor type stunned. I asked her if she wanted to write some words and she did. So I told her how to spell Frankie, and she wrote each letter as I said it. Her mechanics were a little off, since she's lacking the whole instruction piece. For example, when she wrote an "I" she made the straight line down the middle and then instead of making the straight lines across the top and bottom she wrote them in two pieces that connected in the middle. She wrote Katie and mommy too. Did I mention I've never, ever had her write a thing, ever?! Are you sufficiently impressed yet? I know she's my daughter and that makes me obligated to be astounded by every little thing she does, but I just can't stop grinning...

When I'm not standing around dumbfounded by my children I've been busy working on a campaign website. You should go check it out. Not because I say so or anything, but because he's a good guy who will do a great job. After you check out his site, you should remember to go and vote for him on November 2nd!! Don't worry, I'll remind you ;) Visit

Oh! And I went to my very first church bible study this week! It was a bunch of funny, crazy, over-the-top, energetic, amazing women who love Jesus. Being around them was exactly what I needed! I can't wait to go back.

There's so much more- we've been reading (and loving!) the Little House on the Prairie books. We borrowed the DVD's from the library. We made covered wagons. Katie has renamed us all (she's Laura) and we've had hours of great fun pretending to be the Ingalls family. Sam has been reading about pioneer life and the westward expansion, so we've tied them all together and had great learning opportunities.

That's all I can share without my pictures. I have such great pictures, so you'll just have to wait.
I'll try not to make it too long. :D

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