Monday, March 7, 2011

The Lord has called my husband…to Ecuador.

A few months ago it was announced in my church that a mission team was being put together to travel to Ecuador this summer. As we sat there listening my husband’s response was immediate and intense: he had to be on that trip. He knew absolutely without a doubt that the Lord was telling him to go.
Now, for those of you who don’t know my husband-let me tell you what a testimony to his faith this commitment is. The furthest he’s ever been outside of New England is New York, and that was for work. He doesn’t travel. He’s a creature of habit, and he’s most comfortable and happy close to home. He likes his routine. Anything out of the ordinary stresses him. And perhaps most telling of all, he doesn’t fly. For as long as I’ve known him he has adamantly refused to fly anywhere. Ever. For any reason. Joining this team has been, hands down, the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever seen him take. It has been amazing to watch the transformation in his attitude. He is committed to doing what he’s been called to do, and he’s trusting in God to see him through it.  No fear, no jitters. It’s truly remarkable. 
The team (made up of 16-17 members, the biggest group our church has sent!) will leave for Quito, Ecuador on July 30, 2011. They will stay overnight and then travel all day to Pichiyacu, where they will stay while in Ecuador. The team will split and serve two purposes while there. The Building team will travel an hour daily by boat to get to the small jungle village of Santa Maria where they will help build a church. This is where my husband will serve. The other half of the team, the Ministry team, will travel to various villages bringing supplies, ministering to the people, and sharing the good news of Jesus. My husband will fly home August 7, some will stay on a week longer.
I’m sharing this story because we need prayer. Prayer for strength through the spiritual warfare we’ve experienced already and will continue to face in the months ahead. Prayer for my husband that he can continue to stand firm in his faith without fear of the unknown. Prayer for wisdom and strength for the team in the months ahead. Prayer for protection while they’re away. Prayer for the people they are going to minister to. And most importantly, prayer that in all this the Lord will be glorified.

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North Laurel said...

So amazing and so wonderful. Will be praying about your family and your husband's mission trip. Also, although I do not know how I personally can help in terms of monetary means, I will be praying that God provides for everything that is needed.

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