Monday, May 13, 2013

Camera phone dump (because sometimes it just needs to be done)

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On her way to a princess birthday party


Out on a date with my husband recently I ordered baked stuffed lobster. Yum. I was picturing some nice dish with lobster chunks covered in a nice topping. I got this instead. The thing about me is while I love lobster, I do not love tearing it limb from limb and digging out its meat with sharp tools. Usually my loving husband will do the dirty work for me, while I hide my eyes. I know, I know. It’s food. But it just seems so…barbaric to me. And icky.

Note to self: do not order baked stuffed lobster. Unless you want gross hairy legs and beady little eyes staring at you while you scoop stuffing out of it’s dirty body cavity. Ew.


Our little naughty enthusiastic gardener


After months of practicing the little girls dance recital was on May 11th. Poor Katie got horribly ill that morning and wasn’t able to dance. She was so upset.


Frankie wasn’t feeling well, either, but was in much better shape than her sister. She did, however, spend the time right before she went on laying on the floor backstage. I was praying she could just make it through her two dances without throwing up…


And she did! My girl’s a trooper! I was so proud of her!! As soon as the recital was over, she went right home to spend the day on the couch. Definitely not how we envisioned the dance season ending :( Once the weather is warmer I’m going to cheat and have them dress up in their costumes for pictures together!



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