Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ornament time!

Tonight we made Christmas ornaments. We each chose a photo that was meaningful to us and got to work creating.


Francesca chose a picture of her, Katie, and Bishnu from our trip to the ocean in September. That was the best day ever!


Katie picked the first picture ever taken of her and Estella. When we agreed to let her get a kitten this year, I had no idea what a good kitty momma she’d be. They adore each other.


This is Sam’s picture. It hasn’t actually been made into an ornament yet because she had to work tonight. It’s hard having a 20 year old. Family time isn’t the same when she is off doing adult-y things like going to school or working, and we miss her on nights like this.


I used my favorite picture of the two of us, from a week we spent at the ocean a couple of years ago. My husband chose a picture of me. As you can see, his glittering skills leave something to be desired. He’s a good sport, though, so I think I’ll keep him.

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