Saturday, April 1, 2017

Casting Crowns!

Music really ministers to my soul. We love Casting Crowns, and go to their concert every time they venture up here to the Northeast. This year is the first time we took the girls with us, and it was so cool to watch them loving the show as much as I do!


All night I kept looking at this beauty at my side, wondering how she is such a teenager already.


Letting their light shine!



Some days I miss the time when they were little; when there was nothing better than snuggling together and singing a song or reading a book. But in this new season I’m learning to enjoy watching them grow into who God made them to be, and all the cool things we get to do together now that they’re older. As much as I long to keep them little forever, I guess I will embrace this new season and savor each day, as I know all too well that these days, too, will pass too quickly and before I know it they’ll all be grown and on their own.

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