Friday, May 12, 2017


We did this fun experiment as part of our unit on space recently. We needed three balls the same size but with different masses, so we used a rubber bouncy ball, a ping pong ball, and a golf ball.

We then dropped each of those balls from three designated heights, to test if the mass and the height affected the size of the crater formed. (We’re studying meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites at the moment.)

20170504_094406     20170504_094627     20170504_094748

We discovered that yes, mass and height do affect the size of the crater formed. We were pretty sure that would be the case.

Then we decided we needed to test out bigger, heavier objects.

So we tried an orange and two different types of baseballs using the designated heights from the experiment.

20170504_095134     20170504_095210

But then we needed to try it just a little bit higher.


And higher still.


After dropping those from the highest spot we dared, we decided we needed to try dropping something bigger. Like a basketball.


This is why I love science. We took a fairly straightforward experiment and ran with it. We need to go higher!! We need something bigger!! Experimenting at its finest.

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