Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas!!

I did everything a little bigger this year, trying to add extra magic to help ease the ache in our hearts as we remembered the dads who aren't with us to celebrate this Christmas. 

We squeezed in all of our favorite traditions. We decorated, made ornaments, went on a Christmas light drive, created gingerbread house masterpieces, read Christmas stories together at night (there was some resistance this year to this...they seem to think they're too old to be read to anymore), baked for our neighbors,  and watched the Christmas classics. 

We also got to spread some cheer at a ministry party at church, see a play, spend time with our favorite people, and just be intentional about remembering how truly blessed we are.

A Christmas Story at the Mount (you'll shoot your eye out, kid!)

Christmas kitty

                                                   Francesca baking in her tap shoes
                                                  Gingerbread houses with the boys


                                                     Craft night with our bff's

                                                    Delivering cookies to our neighbors

                                                 Christmas Eve at our house this year!

Christmas brunch at auntie's!

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