Sunday, July 31, 2011

Slim Down Sunday-Week 2

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I’m down 3 lbs. this week for a total of 13 since I started!! The eating plan has been going well, and tomorrow I start phase 2. This means I can add most fruits back into my diet, as well as foods high in whole grains. I’m a little nervous about this new phase, I don’t want to start gaining back the weight I’ve lost. However, I know that if I continue to eat sensibly and not go overboard just because I can have healthy carbs again (bread…oh how I’ve missed you!!) I will continue to be successful.

I’m increasing my exercise by doing cardio three days a week. Starting this week I’m going to add in some strength training on the off days.

My husband is doing fabulous. He’s lost a total of 15 lb. and is invested in this diet now. I can’t tell you what a tremendous difference it makes when we’re both on the same team!

I’m finding that I crave the old junk food less and less. Also, being able to actually feel the difference in my clothes is a huge motivator to stick with it!

 How was your week?


Elizabeth Herr said...

Hi April,

Saying WELL DONE from the linkup!! Good stuff. A great encouragement to go on hey.


~Jamie~ said...

Congrats April! (& your hubby too!) That is wonderful! I actually saw that you were starting *this* diet and wanted to try it out myself. I don't have a book to go by, so I was mainly reading off the internet, the do/do not list.....worked for a few days and I saw some results but then I ended back where I started out at. Frustrating...especially since I gave up coffee & sweet tea for a whole week! But today I am headed to the library to check out the book and see where I went wrong! Good luck on Phase 2! :)

April said...

April, 3 lbs is awesome! That and cardio three days a week - you go girl! I know having the hubby on board is a big help too. I know it's scary to add back food, but you want to get to a place where healthy eating is just habit. Excited to hear how this week goes!

Anonymous said...

Thats is so Great!!!! I myself have been struggling with weight too. For me, in the past 2 years I have put on a extra 40lbs :( due to stress. I wish I could give up carbs like you have, but I have tried and my body feels really ill when I do not have my wheat bread ( yes I have at least switched to a healthier version of breads lol ) I am trying the ol' fashion way of good ol' fashioned exersise, so far I am down 2lbs Yay! I am very optimistic. My goal is to swim or walk 2-3 days a week.I want to lose a total of 50lbs just like you :) ~> I look forward to following your weight loss journey, maybe reading about your acheivments will help keep me motivated ;)

Keri A Happy Homeschooling Mom to B&M <3

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