Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slim Down Sunday-we’re really doing it!

Heartfelt Homeschooling

My husband and I recently decided it was time to get serious about our health and serious about losing weight. I’ve been trying to lose weight off and on for quite a while now, but never saw results that motivated me to stay with it. I’d start off determined and full of willpower for the first couple of weeks, and when I didn’t see the results I wanted I got frustrated and lost sight of my goal.

My goal to be healthy

to live a long, productive life

to be around to watch my children grow into the people God intends for them to be.

I heard about a diet from a friend, and decided to give it a shot. It’s called the South Beach diet, maybe you’ve heard of it? I remember hearing all the hype about it when it came out. Since I’m not a big fan of fad diets I didn’t pay any attention to it. But my husband and I did a lot of reading about it, and it’s pretty nutritionally sound. Even during the most restrictive phase you are eating normal sized portions of healthy food. I started it on Monday, and I’m astounded with the results.

I have lost 10 pounds in 6 days!!

Ten pounds!! Can you believe it?! I put on a pair of jeans this morning I haven’t been able to wear in months!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It obviously isn’t healthy to lose weight at this pace. Because this  diet starts with a 2 week “jump start” period, they say you can expect to lose 8-13 pounds in the first two weeks. (after the first two weeks it should slow down to a more reasonable 1-2/week) I honestly didn’t believe it would work for me, because my metabolism is beyond slow.  But I’m telling you, I can feel the difference already! And while I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my bread and my strawberry milkshakes, finally seeing some results makes the sacrifice so worth it!! And instead of feeling sorry for myself I focus on the positive outcomes of sticking with it:

I feel better already. Without all of that processed, sugar laden garbage I’ve been putting into my body I just feel better! No more heartburn or indigestion. No more of that gross heavy I ate way too much feeling.

My kids see us eating healthy foods, and they’re taking notice. Just as our bad habits did, our good habits will rub off on them. My 5 year old daughter asked for some vegetable juice today!

God never intended for me to fuel my body the way I had been. By eating healthy and exercising, I am honoring Him in a way I wasn’t before.

Today I ate two pieces of celery and some slices of turkey for lunch. No bread. Six days ago that was unheard of. Today I’m full and satisfied. We’ve been eating lots of vegetables. Lots of lean meats. Lowfat cheese. Lots of beans. And you know what? It’s been ok. Not fabulous. Certainly not easy. But I’ve not been starving, and it’s completely within my capabilities to keep it up. We have one more week of eating like this and then we will start adding in more healthy carbs. Fruit. Whole grain bread and pasta. Good carbs. But in moderation, that’s the key to everything.  No more sugar for us. No more white flour or processed food. A small sacrifice to make for the tremendous benefits we reap.

My husband is doing amazing. He’s been very resistant to changing to a healthy diet. Along his walk with the Lord he has given up many things. Food was his last stronghold. I am inspired and motivated by his commitment and determination to succeed.

He has lost 12 pounds in 6 days!

So, my first goal is to lose 50 pounds. Which is down to 40 pounds!

His goal (he hasn’t broken it up) is about 77 pounds. Which is now down to 65 pounds.

We’re praising God for our success, and leaning on Him to keep our resolve firm. We’re going to do it this time, you wait and see! I’m linking up with April over at Heartfelt Homeschooling once a week, so check back every Sunday to hear how we’re doing!




April said...

April, I'm doing a happy dance for you guys! It's awesome that you are doing it together - that makes a big difference. I find it hard to try to stay eating healthy when the hubby still wants fried foods, etc. But, like your hubby, it needs to be his choice. I'm so excited to come back and see your continued results. Yay! April

Lisa Ladrido said...

Sounds like you had great week, congratulations to both you and your husband! This is my first week on the meme and glad I found it. We all need to support each other during our journey. See you next week. Lisa
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Cherie said...

It's so wonderful that you and your husband can work together and are doing so well! Congratulations and I wish you continued success!

Following from the crew. :-)

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