Saturday, October 1, 2011

What we did this summer…finally

I’ve been putting this post off forever in hopes that my missing jump drive, which contains half  of my summer pictures, would come out of hiding. Since that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon, and since it’s, you know, October and not even remotely summer anymore I’ve decided to just post what I have. So here’s our summer recap-Fall edition.

This summer my husband stepped way out of his comfort zone and answered the Lord’s call to travel to Ecuador on a mission trip with 15 others. It was a time of growth and tremendous blessing for us all, and a life changing event for my husband.

IMG_2657      IMG_2651

Let’s just be real, nobody looks good at 4:30 in the morning…

While he was away bringing the gospel of the Lord to people in the jungle, my bff and her husband took great care of us; keeping us busy so we didn’t dwell on missing him too much. (And let me tell you, miss him we did! It was the longest week of my life!!) We had a fun time visiting a great children’s museum with some of our favorite people in the world:



IMG_2702     IMG_2725





We celebrated the birthdays of our little love bugs…

IMG_2821     IMG_2845

IMG_2851          IMG_2862

IMG_2897   IMG_2924

We had a blast at Vacation Bible School…

IMG_2969   IMG_2982  IMG_2973

We got to witness a beautiful wedding ceremony joining two lives…

IMG_3039   IMG_3063  IMG_3163

Sam and her friend participated in, and won, a talent show…


The little girls went on their very first sleepover…


And we got to spend time with, and bond with, some wonderful friends so dear to us that they’re like family now…

IMG_2808  263420_1826885045944_1654850977_1677724_5604324_n (2)  IMG_2819

It was during on of those times that Katie swam on her own for the very first time! (Lots of firsts this summer!)

269897_1826884485930_1654850977_1677720_6645309_n (2)

At the end of the summer, we were very blessed to be able to spend a week in a beautiful house on a lake. The time we spent there; hanging out and lovin’ on each other, playing and laughing and having fun together…we made memories that week that will last us a lifetime. We were able to have that time together all because of the generosity of some very special people. People that have accepted us into their lives and their hearts- unconditionally loving us just for who we are. I’m looking forward to many years of making new memories with these amazing people.


And there you have it. Our summer. Or at least the parts I have pictures of…my sage wisdom of the day? Cutting and pasting the only copy of your pictures? Not such a good idea. :)



Christine said...

Love it! What an awesome blog, but WE are the blessed ones <3 That picture of you and Don on the dock needs to be enlarged and framed. LOVE it! <3 Love you!

Anonymous said...

i swam!!!

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