Friday, January 4, 2013

Why our family is special

There have been lots of changes in our family over the past few months. Whenever our family is dealing with something, we talk about it. A lot. It was during a recent conversation where our girls were working through their feelings about my niece coming to live with us that I posed a question to them: What makes our family special? We all took a turn sharing what we thought our best quality as a family was.

 My husband said he thought what makes us special is that we love God. We strive to put God at the center of our marriage, and our family. When we lose focus we feel the strain in our relationships. We also feel the strength and unity and peace when we don’t.

I said I thought what makes us special is that we love each other. Katie and Frankie may bicker uncontrollably at times, and Sam may be testy and crabby sometimes. And there are times, plenty of times, when my husband and I are short with each other. But we all love each other fiercely and unwaveringly. Absolutely and unconditionally. God hand picked each one of us to be together as a family, and we thank Him for it almost daily.

Katie said she thought what made our family special is that we homeschool. As she said that, she paused a moment and added that homeschooling is also an example of love. When I asked her how, she said that instead of sending them off to public school every day, I show them that I love them and want to be with them by homeschooling them. I cherish our talks; I just love to hear how her mind and her heart work. Both are such an amazing gift from God.

Francesca shared that she has a friend who talks about visiting her dad on the weekends. She thought what made our family special is that we’re all together. Amen.

Sam waited until the end to share what she thought made our family special. As she was pulling her daddy out of the room to go play a game with her she said we’re special because we communicate. It was the single most perfect answer my sixteen year old could have given. From the time she was old enough, one of my highest priorities has been having open, honest conversations with her. When she was happy, we’d talk about it. When she was upset, we’d talk. When she was confused, or frustrated, or scared, or disillusioned…we talked through everything. Of the many things I’ve gotten wrong with her over the years, I am so very thankful that I got at least one thing right.

Katie, being Katie, had to have the last word. She added one last profound thought to the list. Our family is special because we have amazing digestive systems. Where does she come up with these things?!

Why Our Family IS Special

We love God

We love each other

We homeschool

We are all together

We communicate

…and we have amazing digestive systems



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