Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun, fun, fun

So Sam decided to share her beautiful face today. I'm sure it had nothing to do with seeing all her goofy pictures last night online!! Here she is working on history using her A History of US book. I highly recommend it for anyone with a textbook resistant teen who otherwise enjoys reading. It's made all the difference!
This isn't a great picture, but did anyone notice Sam in the newspaper a couple weeks ago? She's part of a seven week workshop at the library working on writing her own childrens book. It's very cool and a great opportunity for Sam to work with an actual author and illustrator-learning new skills and getting pointers. Since her goal is to be a writer someday, this was perfect for her!
Katie and Francesca worked on their Thanksgiving books today. Look at the concentration!
This is a page from Frankie's book. I got them at a great site I've been using for a couple of years- Enchanted Learning. They have pages you can print for free, but we paid for membership so we could print entire books. It's very reasonably priced at around $20/year. We use it often enough that it's well worth the money!
Here's Katie working on hers. The face speaks for itself.
Again with the face...
Francesca painted while Katie worked on some math and handwriting. We read the bible together,too. Lots more happened today but I'm out of time!

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