Friday, November 13, 2009

Procastinating? Who, me?

Since I have a bunch of assignments due today and tomorrow and I haven't cracked a book yet, I really shouldn't be here showing you one of the pictures that got me a 95 on my latest photo shoot for my digital photography class!! The assignment was to shoot at night using different exposures. This was a long exposure. There was absolutely no wind that night, so I moved the camera a little to get this effect to make it more interesting. My professor loved it!! (Bethany!! Yay!! It was totes worth freezing our butts off for hours!! He said I nailed this shot!!)
Another thing he wanted us to try was reflections.

And before I get to work, here's a trip down memory lane

Here's Katie (sniff) at two. For those of you with babies-cherish every single second. They pass faster than you can even imagine!
Ok. I'm off to do responsible things now. Meh.

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