Thursday, November 19, 2009


See?! You knew this would happen! You knew I'd be all enthusiastic at first...posting diligently every single day-sometimes twice a day. But then the newness would wear off and I'd start posting once a week, if at all. You knew this about me, and you let me suck you in anyway!! Shame on you
Hahah. Just kidding.
In reality I'm just experiencing the usual -too much to do and not enough time to do it- syndrome that is my life. I know I do it to myself, I KNOW I do, so just hush. Knowing something doesn't magically add more hours to a day, or give me the energy to do things I just don't want to, now does it?

On a more positive note, after tomorrow we will be on break for a week. That will give me time to (start) finish up some assignments and projects that are due very soon. It will also give me time to attempt to get my house in order for Thanksgiving and correct and plan and get in order all things homeschool related for when we start back up again. (We are doing a six week on, one week off year round schedule. We added a couple extra weeks off  here and there for Christmas and Easter and whatnot, and that still leaves us three or four weeks off during the summer! It just didn't make sense to me for kids that are homeschooled to have 6 or 8 weeks off in the summer to forget everything they'd been working on. That schedule was made for public school. Yay homeschooling!) So if you bear with me a bit longer I'll be here more consistently.

And now, some pictures!
Francesca likes to use Katie's shapes that I made for her Saxon math last year. She sorts them by shape and size and color and has a grand ol' time.

Samantha and Katie are both learning about all fifty states in Geography this year. Katie is learning the basics-state bird, flower, flag and location. Sam is going more in depth to cover things like inventions, presidents, tourism, etc. Here's a page on Massachusetts that will go in Katie's lapbook. (more info on lapbooking to come)
This is another one of Francesca's favorites. As you can see, you just put up a card and she copies the pattern.

Sam playing Halloween bingo. Such a good daughter humoring her family like that!
(the popcorn ball and candy corn prizes didn't hurt either!)

That's it for now. I feel the Christmas spirit descending and I think very soon we'll be working on lots of Christmas projects and crafts and baking. Fun, fun, fun!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh hahahaha. Oh those were the good old days,werent they....

Katie,your daughter.

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