Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bread, and tortillas, and bagels-oh my!

I didn't take any pictures during school today. I was a little distracted by the crazy family meeting I had to attend later in the afternoon. So I decided to share some pictures of all the things my wonderful husband and I baked over the weekend. Ourselves. From scratch. I know! I was pretty proud of us, too!

Here, obviously, is a tortilla. There's nothing like one fresh off the grill!

Here are our bagels. I am especially proud of our bagels. Not only were they a ridiculous amount of work,  there was also an unfortunate incident with some wax paper that made me fear it was all for nothing. Thankfully in the end we saved them. They were definitely worth the effort!

We also made some loaves of wheat bread, wheat chocolate chip cookies, and spinach and mushroom calzones, but I won't bore you with a bunch of pictures of food. (I get a lot of my recipes here. It's a wonderfully written blog with tons of excellent recipes!) I just thought it was worth mentioning, since those of you who know us well know it wasn't too long ago that my specialty was Hamburger Helper. In our quest to eat all natural, unprocessed food our cooking skills have improved quite a bit. I even make our own ranch dressing! Now all I need is to make a Big Mac all natural!                                      

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Aimee Leilani said...

Looks and sounds yummy! Especially spinach and mushroom calzones. :c)

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