Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little girls and their baubles

I think I've mentioned before how much I love it that little girls can't resist pretty, sparkly things. Well, today grandma brought us  some beautiful purple and pink gems.

While the girls were wondering what they could make with them I, of course,  was wondering how we could incorporate them into a learning activity :D  I decided to just dump them into baskets and see what they did with them.
When Katie decided they were earrings, I decided maybe they needed a little direction. Once I mentioned patterns, sorting, and counting they had a blast!

Katie made a pattern with hers.

And princess Francesca separated all the different colors. Success!! Moral of this story? If you have a little girl you can make a lesson out of anything as long as it's pretty and it sparkles!!
It seems like just yesterday my girls looked like this. Now they're almost 14 and 4. (And don't you dare laugh at Francesca! She was having a...bad hair day!)

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Christi said...

Beautiful girls. My youngest of 4 is the one and only girl. Somehow she still manages to be a girly-girl, even with three big brothers. She would love those beads.

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