Monday, June 21, 2010

Blast from the Past

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Two year old Katie and our dog Molly sharing a snack.
This picture represents the tail end of the most magical years of my life. When my husband and I found out we were having our second daughter, we decided I would leave my job and stay home with her. Our oldest daughter was still in public school, as this was before we'd made the decision to homeschool. So, for two glorious years it was just me and my new baby girl six hours a day. 

I was eighteen years old when I had my first daughter. I was young, naive, and self-absorbed. I didn't understand that babies were meant to be enjoyed. I was always looking forward to what she would do next.

Words cannot describe the bliss that was being home every single day with my baby. I was older, and as is the case with every second child, I was a little wiser. I knew how fast they grew. I knew to sit back and just enjoy her. Every minute with her. I spent entire mornings just holding my baby. Just sitting there, holding her, doing absolutely nothing else. My husband was at work, my oldest was at school. I had nothing at all to do but love my baby. And love her I did. I cherished those hours we had together. I got to help her grow from a helpless newborn into a bright, loving, talkative, rambunctious, amazing toddler. I finally knew how it felt to be a part of every single moment with my child. There wasn't a day in her life that passed where I didn't know everything she'd experienced. It was such a blessing, for both of us, that we had the opportunity for so much alone time. To this day we have a special bond because of that time together.

Our third daughter was born three months after this picture was taken, and not long after that we brought our oldest daughter home to be homeschooled. Needless to say, you probably won't find a trace of that peace and quiet that used to exist here. What you'd find in it's place is louder, crazier, and more hectic. But it's also filled with more love, kindness, and oneness than I ever could have hoped for. I am so blessed!

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Debbie said...

Great post.
Thanks for joining my Blast From The Past meme. Cute picture.

Yes, the years go by fast. My baby is 13 and my oldest is 24. When the kids were little I thought the days would never end... now I know they do and they speed up so much the days and years just fly!!! Enjoy those littles as long as you can. Enjoy the elementary years. Before you know it you will be counting credits and making transcripts.

Christi said...

What a beautiful post. You're right, we don't take the time to appreciate the gift that is babyhood, it wasn't until my last and final child that I really relished every moment. She's four, almost five, and I have been blessed to share everything with her. I wish every mom learned this lesson with the first!

Debbie said...

What a beautiful post. I wish I could sit and just rock my babies youngest is 10 now and those years pass so quickly.

I was on the Crew last year. It was a wonderful experience. Hope you have fun with it!

Wonder Mom said...

Oh, such sweet were wise to savor them!

(So glad to be "walking" with you on the TOS Crew this year!)

Marie said...

This was such a sweet post. I'm having a very special week with just my two youngest (the older boys are at camp) and it's causing me to remember the days when I only had the two older boys. It was so much quieter around here, lol.
I'm a fellow TOS'er, hope you'll follow me.

Berry Patch said...

Wonderful perspective. I remember the days of working when my oldest was young. I didn't stay home until he was 4-1/2. I was so glad we made the decision to that. While there are certainly days I dream of having them ALL in school, I'm still blessed and happy with our choice to have them all home. ;-)

Walking by as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog Walk.

Twisted Cinderella said...

What a wonderful post! And so true.

Here via the TOS blog walk

Tim @ Families Again said...

Homeschooling is wonderful isn't it. We love it...well, maybe my soon to be 14 year old wouldn't admit it, but deep down inside I think he loves it as well :-).

Tim from the Crew

Heather said...

Love your post! They do grow so quickly, don't they? Your blog is beautiful and peaceful!

Wendy said...

I enjoyed your post too! My older daughter will be 15 next week, and I can't believe it! My son is 13, and my younger daughter is 7. I try to enjoy at least something about them and with them every single day. It's true that some days are harder than others, but I'm so thankful to be home with them and to have the privilege of homeschooling them. Thanks for this reminder.

Jenni said...

I totally understand. Oh, to do the older ones (12, 14, 17) over with the wisdom I have today. I really cherish my younger ones (8 mos, 2, 4); snuggle on them often. Understanding what a privilege it is to just enjoy them helps me to want to extend that same kind of love to the older ones. I know I fall so short; may God's grace make up the difference in their lives. Looking forward to more from you!

~Jenni, TOS Crewbie

Jesse, said...

Walking by with the Crew this morning! I love your pic...they do grow sooo fast. I'm trying to remember to sit and savor with our newest babe, but it doesn't last long before the other kiddo's are needing something. I'm glad we *all* get to experience it though and the olders don't miss out on anything with the baby either. Have a great day!

Lindsay said...

What a beautiful post! I am walking by on the blog walk! I am a fellow crew member and also a new follower of your blog!

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