Friday, July 2, 2010

Catching Up

Things have been a little crazy around here causing me to get behind on my blog walking. Therefore, I've decided to combine two weeks worth of blogs into one post so I can catch up. Remember, these are all blogs of my fellow Crew members. Take a minute (or thirty!) and take a little stroll yourself. I had a great time visiting the first ten. There are some really talented people with lots of great information out there! Enjoy.

 1.  Growing Fruit
 2.  School Around the Table
 3.  1628 The Story of the Goebels 5
 4.  Learning to Teach
 5.  My Journey
 6.  Morris Family Madness
 7.  Petra School
 8.  Homeschool Musings
 9.  Heartfelt Homeschooling
10. following Him home

 1.  Stairsteps Homeschool Academy
 2.  Peace Creek on the Prairie
 3.  The Cow Queen
 4.  Living Sola Gratia
 5.  Kingdom Academy
 6.  Curriculum Reviews from Oak Creek Farmhouse
 7.  I Can't Decide
 8.  King Alfred Academy
 9.  My Life on a Taffy Pull

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