Friday, April 5, 2013

Random 5 on Friday-April 5th

A fellow Crew member is hosting this great idea, and I thought I’d join in the fun!

1. My husband walked on his toes as a child. My girls walk on their toes, too.

2. I despise matching socks. So I don’t. We have a basket that all the clean socks go into, and most of the time my girls just grab the first two they see. Lucky for me a “it’s cool to wear unmatched socks” trend started a while ago here, so now my kids are just fashionable!  ;)

3. I’ve had sick kids all week. We haven’t gotten much school done lately.

4. Spring is good for my spirit. Warm air and sunshine make me happy.

5. Yesterday was my brothers birthday. It was a hard day, and made us miss him terribly.

There you have it, five random facts for the week!


Brittney said...

I don't like matching socks either! I actually try to keep the baby in footed sleepers to avoid all those tiny socks disappearing!

Miranda said...

I don't usually match socks either. I am trying harder though. Having all the laundry done and put away is more important to my husband than any other cleaning I could do. So I'm trying. He doesn't every say anything if it is not done but I just try to bless him. Key work..TRY.

Have a good week.
Thanks for linking up!

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