Friday, April 26, 2013

Random 5 on Friday-Blessings

1. Last weekend I had the best time ever. My husband and I went to Maine for a marriage conference (maybe you’ve heard of it? Weekend to Remember?) and spent two glorious days and nights alone reconnecting and rekindling our romance. The best part? No children. With the past six months of our lives being a whirlwind of social workers and inspectors and lawyers and everything else that comes with fostering two nieces, we were long, long overdue for some alone time. Today I’m praising God for that time of healing and restoration that we so desperately needed.

2. I feel like I’ve turned a corner. Six months ago my younger brother took his own life. In the midst of the sorrow I’m finding moments of happiness. A month ago I was still struggling; wondering if I would ever feel anything but sadness. Warm spring air, the sound of my little girls laughter…today I praise God for the small things that allow me to feel joy again.

3. My husband is amazing. I know everyone brags about how fabulous their husbands are, but mine is truly exceptional. This man of mine loves me fiercely with an unwavering love that I don’t deserve. Today I thank God for blessing me with a man who is hard-working, passionate, handsome, loyal, funny, and who has shown me that unconditional love actually does exist.

4. My daughter is hilarious. The other day we were laughing about how a baby doll was bigger than my niece, so I had her sit them both in her lap so I could take a picture:


Sam thought she’d be funny, but it’s my niece’s face that cracks me up every time I look at this picture. “Maybe if I’m quiet she won’t eat me next…” Seriously, I couldn’t have staged that better if I’d tried!! Laughter- what a blessing that soothes a soul!

5. We finally, finally, are starting to see signs of spring around here. Buds on trees, growth in the flowerbed…praise God for the beauty of His creation!!


Poekitten said...

YAY for spring! It sounds like the weekend to remember conference was just what you guys needed! I'm hoping we can make it to one sometime.

Nikki Hinkle said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss I am new to your blog but it sounds like you have found a lot of blessings. Finding the joy is the best medicine even if its a little moment.


Miranda said...

So sorry about your brother. I can not imagine how difficult that must be. I'll be praying for healing for your family.

That picture is just plain hilarious!

Carol said...

Glad you enjoyed the conference, Jim and I went some years ago and really liked it too.

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