Monday, July 5, 2010

Blast from the Past-Forgiveness

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While looking through my picture folder for a cute baby picture of one of my girls, I came across this:

The dork on the left is me. The beauty on the right is one of my baby sisters. As you can see by the annoying date stamp, this picture is five years old. The reason this picture struck me tonight is because we look so happy. We were happy. For most of our lives I loved this girl like she was my own.
About two years ago we had a falling out. It was pretty bad. Things were said. Things were done. Awful things. I said things to her I thought I would never say. Ever.
As the time passed we talked. We tried to make things right. But I couldn't get over it. I tried. I cried about it. I prayed about it. I'm supposed to be a Christian. I'm called to forgive others as He forgave me. How could I hold this against her? For a long time I struggled with this. As much as I wanted to do the right thing-to be the person He has called me to be, I just couldn't do it. Every time I thought about her I was flooded with anger. And disappointment. And hurt.
I've been thinking a lot about her lately. I've been thinking that I miss her. I've been thinking about how sad it is that we're strangers now. This girl that I love so much. My sister.
When I came across her picture tonight all I felt was peace.
Maybe it's time.

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Debbie said...

I hope you get things worked out with you sister. I will pray for you both.
Lovely picture.

I guess you had you post up and ready and were just waiting for me to get mine up... LOL You had it linked up right after I posted. Thanks for participating.

SisterTipster said...

Sending you a BIG HUG and prayers up for reconciliation in your relationship. blessings!!

Sarah said...

Hugs from me too, I understand how family dynamics can be. I'm from the Crew and am following you now :) (((HUGS)))


Sheri said...

HI, stopping by on the cruise blog walk-nice to meet ya and yes, it is time-I know what it is like to have someone do something/say something most would deem unforgivable...but ya know so ain't worth carrying that around....keep saying you forgive her, over and over and soon enough you truly will, that is what I did and boy did it release me! Hugs.
FM Sheri

hsmomma said...

Hi! I am following you from the TOS Crew. Please follow me back at I look forward to working with you this year! :)

Heather said...

I am praying things work out for you and your sister. My uncle walked out of my Mom's life twelve years ago (he never has told us exactly why...she's a gem) and came back about a year ago at a time he was needed. Both of them are sad they let it go on so long. It is still awkward for me (I remember my mom's sorrow over the years so well, and he hurt me by leaving, too) but my kids are jumping in with both feet. Walk the walk you know you ought to for God, and He will help your heart will follow. Blessings. You can find me at

cahanbury said...

Wow, I hope that things work out with your sister. What a great (but sad) post. Very honest!

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