Sunday, July 4, 2010

Learning Happens

Learning Happens was designed to show how our children can learn without our guidance or planning.

While attempting to clean out and organize our homeschooling supplies, I came across Sam's Tommy Torso. Or Dapper Dan. (Poor guy. Imagine having no arms or legs and removable organs and being part of a family who can't even remember your name) I put him down somewhere and came back to this. They had so much fun taking all of his insides out and putting them back in again.

We've had some great conversations with Francesca lately about her new male fish that she named colorful baby. She has repeatedly and adamantly proclaimed colorful baby to be female. Talk about gender indentification :)
And while having a cookout the other day Katie created this masterpiece with a piece of slate, some wild raspberries and flower petals.

Isn't it great to see all the learning that goes on naturally?!

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Elinette said...

Those are great things your kids kept themselves busy week. :)

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